pH products: essential for water quality

When it comes to swimming pools, the first thing we normally think of is chlorine. That's logical, because chlorine disinfects the water and, in some cases, you can even smell it. Nonetheless, when maintaining your pool, the first thing you need to do is measure the pH value. Swimming pool products can only work effectively if the optimum pH value has been reached.
To do this, you will need the following:
1. A tester for water quality
2. pH Min or pH Plus
Use a tester to measure the water quality of your swimming pool. Most testers measure the pH value, as well as the chlorine value of your swimming pool. Several types of water quality testers are available, namely test strips, test kits or digital water testers.
Our advice: opt for the Scuba II by Lovibond. This electronic tester provides very accurate results and thus helps to avoid concerns about water quality.
Water quality testers show whether your pH value is too high or too low. Once you know this, you can add pH Plus or pH Min to correct the pH value.

Disinfecting swimming pool water with chlorine


Like all swimming pool owners, you want to swim in clean water. In most cases, people end up using chlorine to disinfect their swimming pools. Chlorine helps fight any bacteria that may be present in the pool. There are, however, various types of chlorine available:
Chlorine tablets: chlorine tablets are aimed at maintaining a consistent chlorine value and guarantee appropriate chlorine levels. The best thing to do is place the tablets in your skimmer or in the chlorine dispenser. This helps spread the chlorine throughout the whole pool.
Chlorine granules: Chlorine granules are aimed at giving swimming pools a chlorine shock treatment. This is needed when starting up your swimming pool or to stop the pool water from turning green. If you do not have a skimmer, you can also add chlorine granules to maintain a steady chlorine value.
Liquid chlorine: This chlorine is also used to perform chlorine shock treatments. In addition, it is also used for swimming pools with automatic dosing systems. HTH granules: This is a specific type of chlorine granule. It is the only type of chlorine that is compatible with ionisers. If your swimming pool system features an ioniser, you will have to buy this more expensive type of chlorine.

Extra clear water thanks to flocculants

Even the very best filter systems are unable to remove very small dirt particles. Thankfully, there's a solution for this problem, namely flocculants. This swimming pool product causes all these very small particles to cling together. As a result, 10 very small particles become 1 small particle. This dirt particle is then large enough to be removed by the filter.
The product can sometimes lead to white foam being formed at the bottom of the pool, which is caused by coagulated particles. To resolve this, all you have to do is vacuum the dirt particles.


Combating algae in green swimming pool water

Green swimming pool water is the nightmare of all swimming pool owners. In most cases, green water can be attributed to the growth of algae. You can use an anti-algae product to prevent the growth of algae.
Other causes of green water, and appropriate solutions, can be found in another blog article.


Correcting iron levels in brown swimming pool water

Besides green water, swimming pool water can also turn brown in exceptional cases. This can normally be attributed to high levels of iron. But, once again, we have the perfect solution. Metal Magic removes iron, copper, silver, calcium and other metals from the swimming pool water, without you having to first empty your pool.
In exceptional cases, this can be attributed to brown algae. You can read about the solution for such algae here.


Reduce limescale with Anti-limescale product

Swimming pool water can sometimes contain high concentrations of limescale. This can lead to white deposits at the edge of the pool, particularly along the waterline.
You can reduce the level of limescale in your pool by adding an anti-limescale product to the water. If you have problems with limescale along the waterline, you can easily remove it using a sponge and HTH Borkler Gel. Simply allow the product to briefly take effect and then admire the immediate results.
Swimming pool owners can use the tips above to easily maintain their pools every week! If you still encounter a problem, then please do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks to 50 years' experience in building swimming pools, we are able to find an appropriate solution to any issue.


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